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Forum Thread: First Definition of Augmented Reality

In the paper "A Survey of Augmented Reality" from Azuma he said: "Some researchers define AR in a way that requires the use of Head-Mounted Display". So I'm searching now for the researchers who defined AR in that way, but I found nothing. If anybody know who defined AR only in combination with the use of a See-Through-HMD, please tell me who it was. I need this information for my study.

Forum Thread: Top 10 Websites to Experience Augmented and Virtual Reality

In a world where brands struggle to keep themselves different from the rest, augmented and virtual reality was born to serve the brands just what they needed. There are many websites that give real time experience of augmented and virtual reality to the consumers. Here are a few based on their ranking. They are ranked on the quality of their experience. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others t...

Forum Thread: [Help]AR Application

Hello, I'm new to AR and I want to create an application with visual studio using MFC: displaying 3 buttons one will display a cube, another will display a sphere and the final one will quit the application. The object displayed can be moved with the keyboard ... Using ARToolkit and OpenGL. thank you in advance.

Forum Thread: AR-HELP

I'm planning on doing an project related to Augmented reality, which will be focusing on developing a calculator for the primary children. Therefore i will be using a set of cards(15) which will have numbers from 0-9 and the 4 operands(adding, subtraction , division and multiplication) together with a card that will symbolize the question mark. So the application will give the opportunity for the user to either ask a question or to  give an answer to an equation using the set of cards. what i...

Forum Thread: Need Help on My Final Year Project Related to AR

Hi there, I am thinking to do a campus information system as my final year engineering project on augmented reality but the point is I am stuck on a critical issue, which is related to image processing. My app would work on an android platform and mostly it will take in real time information from the camera and it will do feature matching of the buildings in my college campus and it would name the building like "Mechanical building" something like that, but I dont know how to do it.. what SDK...

Forum Thread: ARlab Looking for Beta Testers!

Hi, I'm Yelamos, the community manager from ARlab, a company that has been recently involved in augmented reality. Up to now, we have published two SDKs for Android and iOS (ARBrowser SDK and Image Matching (markerless based) SDK). Following our easy API you will able to integrate Augmented Reality technology in your mobile application in few time. We just opened our beta program so we encourage any mobile developer interested to join us.

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