Forum Thread: Looking for AR Comparable to Vuforia

Looking for AR Comparable to Vuforia

I've been working with the Vuforia Augmented Realtiy SDK in Unity recently and have been very impressed with the results. Until I saw the price tage ($4500 for Android/iOS).

Can anyone recommend a comparable AR engine? I'm specifically looking for a way to: -publish cross-platform (Android/iOS) -render 3D images well on mobile devices -detect any type of marker (not just black&white)

I willing to pay, just not that much.

I've done a lot of searching. I saw FLARToolkit for Flex but it's only able to use b&w markers I saw many other SDKs for Unity. There are also a bunch of smaller SDKs that can't don't come with renderers (as far as I can tell).


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