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Hi, I would like to know if ARToolkit is a good choice to enter in the AR development world for the first time, or there are other software much more recommended.


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Start with Adobe Flash... search for tutorials on Youtube


I know this thread is old, but I felt it best to post to it as I am SO totally a beginner. I think I want to incorporate augmented reality into a new Career Center for a high school. However, I have zero computer science knowledge and am a novice.

Can you just tell me if what I am about to describe sounds feasible and if so, whether I need a professional or can learn this as a DIY-er? I want to turn what is primarily reading things on a wall about careers into an interactive experience for students. ...To take them seamlessly to a website, video or the like without having to click on something, but simply by scanning it. In short, I am hoping to create like a hyperlink embedded into plan text on a wall that takes you to a url simply by scanning the type. I want to avoid QR codes due to cluttering the visual space.

Am I making sense? I sure appreciate anyone's time reading this!

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