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In the paper "A Survey of Augmented Reality" from Azuma he said: "Some researchers define AR in a way that requires the use of Head-Mounted Display". So I'm searching now for the researchers who defined AR in that way, but I found nothing. If anybody know who defined AR only in combination with the use of a See-Through-HMD, please tell me who it was. I need this information for my study.

Thanks a lot

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I think you batter get with Wikipedia for this question but in my words augmented reality used to created a virtual layer on a physical object. In non-technical word you can say this like illusion, magic or something else, but technically it's adding a virtual layer some kind image in 3d or a video or sound on a simple physical object.

In the last augmented reality is used to define something in a new way so defining augmented reality is stuff in words.

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