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In the paper "A Survey of Augmented Reality" from Azuma he said: "Some researchers define AR in a way that requires the use of Head-Mounted Display". So I'm searching now for the researchers who defined AR in that way, but I found nothing. If anybody know who defined AR only in combination with the use of a See-Through-HMD, please tell me who it was. I need this information for my study.

Thanks a lot

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I think you batter get with Wikipedia for this question but in my words augmented reality used to created a virtual layer on a physical object. In non-technical word you can say this like illusion, magic or something else, but technically it's adding a virtual layer some kind image in 3d or a video or sound on a simple physical object.

In the last augmented reality is used to define something in a new way so defining augmented reality is stuff in words.

With the rise of smartphones and the internet, augmented reality technologies rolled out on their second wave, and these days, it is most relevant to the interactive concept. And, 3D models are projected directly onto physical things or bonded together in real-time.

Different apps of augmented reality also impact our daily habits, entertainment history, and social life. AR apps connect digital animation typically to a specific marker or with the help of GPS pinpoint the location in phones. Augmented is occurring in real-time and within the environmental context.

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