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I'm looking for AR products that make a difference. As you all know, there are a variety of different cool applications with AR technology, but most are just fun for the moment, without any real benefits. Is there any company that uses AR to develop products that you could really benefit from?

The company that I work for has developed a product that will help in situations where experts and specialists are not available on the scene. Instead, a layman perform the job with help from the expert who is in another location. Originally this product (the XMExpert) was developed for military use, such as demining. But now the idea is that it should primarily be used within industry, maintenance and similar areas but also in the rescue services and emergency care.

Any tips on AR technology that is used to change the world (large and small) are appreciated!

Thank you!

/ David (XMReality)

XMReality – Augmented and mixed reality solutions to change maintenance engineering

XMReality – Augmented and mixed reality solutions to change maintenance engineering XMReality delivers augmented and mixed reality solutions in maintenance engineering. It is a new and more exciting way to approach remote services. Using visualisation techniques, combined with effective communication over the Internet, 3G or satellite connection, The XMExpert allows a remote expert to guide the maintenance technician from a distance. The system goes far beyond conventional video conferencing and so makes the technician feel as if he had the expert right beside him. This means the company’s expertise is used effectively and smartly, enabling a whole new way to organise maintenance engineering tasks.

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