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I'm planning on doing an project related to Augmented reality, which will be focusing on developing a calculator for the primary children. Therefore i will be using a set of cards(15) which will have numbers from 0-9 and the 4 operands(adding, subtraction , division and multiplication) together with a card that will symbolize the question mark. So the application will give the opportunity for the user to either ask a question or to  give an answer to an equation using the set of cards. what is better to use, is it color detection or QR codes? 

Any help given regarding this will be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

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So if I understood correctly, you want to have a calculator based on flash cards, and you can either give it a sum to work out, or else you can provide the answer to that sum, and it would tell you whether you got it right or not? Is that OK?

Your best bet would be to use a desktop-based solution, because mobile-based markers have a bit of an issue when it comes to detecting multiple images at the same time. There are ways of creating your own AR markers which can be done with custom graphics. In your case, you could use those 'graphics' to depict the numbers and operators you'd use in your calculator, which could be put together to be able to parse an equation and what you want from it (ie. verify or solve). Hope that helps!

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