MovieReshape: Coming soon to a pair of glasses near you!

Coming soon to a pair of glasses near you!

Imagine walking around and everyone looks awesome! Ok, maybe this beauty is only skin deep or shall we say AR deep. Coming soon to a pair of glasses near you, you will be able to put on glasses that actually make people look more muscular, have bigger boobs, look tan & blonde, etc... Now imagine that you can push a button or say a word and now all the people around you become brunette. Then another setting makes everyone slightly shorter than you. All of this in realtime!

The work has begun at the max planck institut informatik in Germany. Thanks to the work of Arjun Jain, Thorsten Thormählen, Hans-Peter Seidel, Christian Theobalt we are well on our way to making the world in our own image.

They created a system that can quickly and easily change the body shape of a human in a video stream. The method is based on a morphable model of a 3d human shape that where created by laser scans of real humans. An algorithm then merges the real human and the models to create an AR image that is placed over the real image, thus creating a new human shape, like bigger muscles.

 Pretty awesome!!!

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That is awesome. Now make it into a pill.

I can already see wonderful ways of abuse

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