News: Traveling with Augmented Reality

Traveling with Augmented Reality

Searching for some new new in Augmented Reality Apps I came across Augmented GeoTravel. I would have loved to have this app when I went to Europe. Being able to travel and hold up the camera & get more information on cool places I was seeing would have been awesome. It is like an ultimate travel guide and so much more. Check out some of the things it can do below.

AugmentedWorks has just come out with a new version of their AR travel app called Augmented GeoTravel. With Augmented GeoTravel you always have a tour guide by your side: thanks to the augmented reality technology and to the full OFFLINE functionality, information about places you visit is always available on the display of your iPhone.

new features:

  • Redesigned interface: it's all cleaner and easier to use!
  • 100% more precise in locating points of interest and the car.
  • Improved POIs loading time.
  • You can now add your own custom points of interest (POIs that hasn't been found, addresses, transportation, hotels, restaurants, etc).
  • You can now tap a POI in the augmented reality view to make it the actual POI.
    Added a tutorial.
  • No more limit to the place that you can add to your trip!
  • The arrow for the actual POI is now greater and more visible and is shown when you point down your device.
  • Multitasking enabled.
  • Retina display ready.
  • Added a radar where you can see the nearest points of interest.
  • Solved problems that some users were having with the GPS.
  • When you search for a city, it will display all the possibilities, if more cities has been found
  • You can now contact us within the app.
  • Added a tutorial.

With Augmented GeoTravel you can:

• Choose what you want to visit: enter a city or a district anywhere in the world, choose from hundreds of points of interest that GeoTravel offers you and immediately get all the information you need.

• See additional information on the places you are looking at, directly on the screen of your iPhone: the real world environment elements in the camera view are augmented by the application generated imagery, enhancing what you see.

• Get more point of interest than with any other application: GeoTravel uses a constantly updated database with the most recent articles.

• Display Wikipedia articles in over 20 languages: rotate your iPhone and you'll see the entire article without even using a finger.

• Save Wikipedia articles for offline use: you can then use the application when you're abroad or when you don't have any connection, avoiding roaming charges.

• Easily access your tour: GeoTravel saves all the settings of the tour, the places you've already visited and those yet to be visited. You can then close the app to save battery, and when you open it again, everything will be exactly as before.

• Choose to show distance in miles or meters.

• NEW! Track your parking location: it guides you to you parked vehicle with the augmented reality!

• NEW! Select between two levels of accuracy for the car location: normal (faster) and high (you can then find your car

Here is their video:

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